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Collaborative Classroom 2022 Conference (8 hours)
6/22/2022 - 6/23/2022

Event Description

Teaching Reimagined: Fostering Learning, Engagement, and Joy

The Summer Conference offers two incredible opportunities for professional learning for Collaborative Classroom educators. If you're brand new to our programs, we recommend attending both the Getting Started Professional Learning Institute and the Main Conference.

Register for all three days for only $200! 


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Tuesday, June 21: Getting Started Professional Learning Institute 

The Getting Started Professional Learning Institute is designed for educators who are new to a Collaborative Classroom program and want to gain a better understanding of the pedagogy, structure, and intentional design of the program. This institute may also be beneficial for educators seeking a "refresher" and who are returning to teaching a program after a hiatus. During this Institute, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to leverage your program materials to plan for instruction. This Institute offers sessions for getting started with Being a Reader, Being a Writer, Caring School Community, Making Meaning and Book Clubs, and SIPPS, as well as sessions specifically designed for administrators and coaches who are getting started with using the Learning Portal. 

Fee: $75 per person
Time: 9:00 AM–12:30 PM PDT | 10:00 AM–1:30 PM MDT | 11:00 AM–2:30 PM CDT | 12:00 PM–3:30 PM EDT 

Getting Started Institute Schedule (Listed in Eastern Daylight Time):

Welcome: 12:00 PM–12:10 PM
Transition to Sessions: 12:10 PM–12:15 PM
Session Part 1: 12:15 PM–1:45 PM
Break: 1:45 PM–2:00 PM
Session Part 2: 2:00 PM–3:30 PM


View Getting Started Institute Session Descriptions 

Wednesday–Thursday, June 22–23: Main Conference 

The Main Conference is designed for all K–6 teachers, coaches, and leaders who currently use Collaborative Classroom curricula, namely the Collaborative Literacy modules Being a Reader, Being a Writer, Making Meaning, and Book Clubs, as well as SIPPS and Caring School Community. Conference registration includes two keynote presentations and your choice of four sessions. 

Fee: $150 per person
Time: 9:00 AM–1:00 PM PDT | 10:00 AM–2:00 PM MDT | 11:00 AM–3:00 PM CDT | 12:00 PM–4:00 PM EDT

Main Conference Schedule (Listed in Eastern Daylight Time. The schedule is the same each day)

Opening Keynote: 12:00 PM–12:45 PM

Day 1 Keynote Presentation: Zaretta Hammond, author of Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain
Teaching Reimagined: Leveraging the Emotions of Cognition

As we begin to think about how we can help students overcome the impact of the pandemic on their learning, we have to live at the intersection of the science of learning, the science of reading, and culturally responsive instruction. We need to understand the emotions of cognition and reframe productive struggle and intellectual curiosity as the pathways to joy in learning. During this talk, Ms. Hammond will reframe engagement and offer a counter-narrative to thinking about it as solely a motivational issue. She will help participants understand the emotions of cognition as the path to liberatory literacy development.

Day 2 Keynote Presentation: Margaret Goldberg, co-founder of The Right to Read Project
The Thrill of Skill

Ms. Goldberg will share the experiences of students and teachers who discovered confidence and skill in meaningful practice. Their stories will be analyzed alongside the Conscious Competence Ladder, a model that explains how our level of competence impacts our perception of ourselves, our work, and our students. 

Transition to First Session: 12:45 PM–1:00 PM
First Session of Day: 1:00 PM–2:10 PM
Break: 2:10 PM–2:30 PM
Second Session of Day: 2:30 PM–3:40 PM
Closing Reflection: 3:40 PM–4:00 PM


View Main Conference Session Descriptions and Schedule 

General Information 

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Payment Options: Individuals and groups, please be ready to pay by credit card, e-check (ACH), or purchase order (PO) during online registration. Please secure the PO before you register. Please have it on hand to enter the PO# and upload a copy of it during your registration session. 

Certificate of Attendance: A certificate of attendance will be available to all registrants within 30 days after the conference. 

Graduate Level Credit Available: Optional purchase of up to two graduate credits is available through Hamline University for each day of the Main Conference (June 22-23). Each credit is $195. The credits are issued through Continuing Studies Co-sponsored Programs. Hamline University program directors reserve the right to determine the applicability of these courses toward Hamline degree programs. The forms for purchasing graduate credits will be made available to all registered participants after the conference concludes. 

Refund Policy: Requests for refunds or transfers of registration must be submitted in writing to events@collaborativeclassroom.org by June 15, 2022. No refunds or transfers will be accepted after June 15, 2022. 

Questions? Please contact us at events@collaborativeclassroom.org.


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